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Q: Will a braidless weave damage my real hair? 

A: No, the proper installation by a licensed professional, and a well maintained install will leave your hair damage free. 


Q: How long will the hair last? 

A: Lifespan depends on a lot of factors! Maintenance, proper products, care, environmental factors, & lifestyle all play a role in how long they will last. Doing all of these things correctly, you should get between 7-10 months of full time wear. 


Q: Can you colour them? 

A: You can darken them, gloss, & tone, but we don't advise lightening them. 


Q: How often do I need to get it tightened? 

A: Every 4 weeks we can do a "move up" which is a 20 minute appointment, where we lift the beads back near the scalp to the strongest part of your hair. Or we can do a re-installation, between 4-6 weeks where we fully remove the extensions, comb, and then re install the hair.


Q: What is the after care like for the extensions?

A: Please click the link below to see our After Care instructions.

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