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We offer the safest method of hair extensions on the market - Wefted hair extensions. With 3 different ways of installing, and 4 different types of wefts, we are able to fully customize your extensions to perfectly suit you and your lifestyle. Prices range between $45 - $100 a row depending on method of installation.

Beaded Flat Weft/ Invisibead/ Braidless Weave


Our 10A Luxury extensions boast 1-2 years of full time wear. We have options that include hair, installation, first maintenance appointment, full size shampoo & conditioner for first time users, and we offer a la carte pricing if you are familiar with extensions already. 

Lengths 14" 18" and 22" we *usually* have in stock. We can custom order between 14" - 24" in many colours, textures, and always top quality. 1-4 weeks for custom orders depending on shipping. Prices per 100g range from $300 - $750 depending on weft, length, colour, and texture.

Flat Wefts/ Hand Tied Wefts/ Genius Wefts/ Machine Weft

Consultations are complimentary, and necessary before installing full time extensions. Chat about your options with no strings attached.


Bond building Olaplex, K-18 Protein, CBD for scalp, moisture, shine, and colour enhancing treatments. $15 - $75

hair cutting / design / styling


Professional Haircuts designed to suit your individual style. Our Hair Stylists will work with you to create the perfect look. We're familiar with everything from micro trims- fashion mullets and everything in between. All cuts include shampoo and blow dry. $50 - $100

colour & lightening

Our stylists are knowledgable in a wide range of corrective, fashion, and subtlety colours. We pride ourselves on being on top of the latest trends and techniques to help you achieve your goals. From grey blending, balayage, bleach outs, colour corrections, we have you covered.

Permanent, demi, or semi permanent colours available.

We use Redken, Schwarzkopf, Oligopro, Evo, Pulp Riot. 


For most big transformative colours and creative colouring, we charge for product + labour/hour. We use an app called salon scale that tracks our usage to the penny, and the hourly rate depends on the experience & expertise of the stylist, what your goal is and the process in which we get there. This is designed with you in mind, so that we have the creative freedom to do whatever necessary to get you closest to your goal in the time booked. 

For standard services such as retouches, glosses, haircuts, solid tint back colours, we charge a base price, and that can increase if you add on any extras, or have a lot - a lot of hair. The base price is dependant on the experience and expertise of the stylist.

REALM 1002
Hair extensions Weaves

1. Consultations for extensions are complimentary, however upon booking we accept a 50% deposit for the extension package decided by your extension provider. 


2. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours. If an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours, you forfeit  50% of your deposit. This is because we do not have enough time to successfully fill an appointment time during this window. 


3. If an appointment is missed, you forfeit your entire deposit. As well, you will not be rebooked without full payment at time of booking in the future. 


4. If there is an issue within 14 days with the extensions we will fix it free of charge! Anything beyond this could have been due to a number of factors outside of the install. 


5. Colour corrections, and all colouring services are non refundable. Consultations prior to the service are done to ensure the client and the service provider are on the same page. A plan is then made to achieve the goal. Sometimes this involves 2 + appointments to accomplish certain colours! There is a trust that is needed between the client and the stylist. As a client you must trust that your selected and licensed provider is doing what he/she needs to do to: first and foremost preserve the integrity of your hair, and get you as close to your goal as possible all while providing you with suggestions if they think something may suit you better. 

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